Ordinances + Resolutions

Active SVGMD Resolutions 

84-04 - Making certain findings and determinations as to the adoption of requirements and imposition of fees pertaining to groundwater supply evaluations to be prepared for development projects (3/2/84)89-03 - Adoption of Conflict of Interest Code (9/11/89)16-06 - Adopting the Upper Feather River Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update 2016 (12/12/16)17-02 - Electing to Become the Groundwater Sustainability Agency for Portions of the SV Subbasin (3/13/17)18-02 - Adoption of 2018-2019 Budget (7/9/18)18-03  -  Requesting Collection of Charges on Tax Roll (7/9/18)18-04 - Adoption of a Conflict of Interest Code (8/13/18)18-05 - Setting a date for a public hearing to consider the imposition of a large capacity well management charge for fiscal year 2018-2019


Active SVGMD Ordinances

82-01 - Requiring a permit to export groundwater & banning exports of groundwater during overdraft (9/30/82)82-03 - Requiring metering of certain extraction facilities (9/30/82)83-01 - Regarding development projects and sufficient groundwater available (3/2/83)83-03 - Amending Ordinance No. 82-03, Section 2 (11/7/83) 84-02 - Adopting requirements re development projects GSER & imposing fee on project developers for same (3/2/84)00-02 - Adoption of new GSER for development project and a new fee for project developments (4/10/2000)18-01 - Adopting Requirements Pertaining to New Water Well Permits (4/9/18)18-01 Exhibit A (map)18-02 - Enacting a management charge for fiscal year 2018-2019 (5/14/18)18-03 -  Enacting a large-capacity well management charge for fiscal year 2018-2019 (12/10/18)