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The Sierra Valley Groundwater Management District is authorized under State Senate Bill No. 1391 to oversee the management of the groundwater within the Sierra Valley basin, and works within the confines California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM).



Sierra, Plumas and Lassen counties became very concerned about the lack of management in their groundwater basins.  Subsequently, these counties requested and received a hearing before the State of California's Senate Committee on Agriculture and Water Resources in December, 1974.  Further and in response to Senate Bill 1505, carried by advocate Senator Nedergly, the State of California and Dept of Water Resources in Bulletin No. 118-80 identified both the Sierra and Long Valley as groundwater basins.
The Sierra Valley Groundwater Basin Law (Senate Bill 1391, dated January 28, 1980) authorized the creation by joint exercise of powers agreements, districts described boundaries for the purposes of groundwater management.  These districts are:
(1) Sierra Valley Groundwater Basin - Sierra and Plumas counties, California.
(2) Long Valley Groundwater Basin - Sierra and Lassen counties, California. 
This bill also authorized the counties of Sierra and Lassen to jointly enter into an agreement with the State of Nevada or Washoe County, or both.
The Sierra Valley Groundwater Basin Law became a solution to existing and potential groundwater resource problems encountered by Sierra and Plumas counties with respect to Sierra Valley and by Sierra and Lassen counties with respect to Long Valley.  It also provides for the specific powers and duties of any such groundwater management districts as well as provisions for the financing of such districts.
In summary, the counties of Sierra, Plumas and Lassen have supported this legislation and have developed technical studies and management plans for use by these groundwater management districts. 

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